-Easy-to-install suspensions that improve driving comfort-

The Street Comfort product range includes solutions that make driving more comfortable. To start coilover suspension systems KW Street Comfort Providing exceptional comfort and performance thanks to a lift system on the front axle or front and rear axles, the HLS product range offers the ground clearance for super cars allowing it to overcome otherwise insurmountable obstacles. The DDC and DLC are developed for vehicles with electronic suspension systems.

KW Street Comfort

The most individual sports suspension with maximum comfort

Is your sports suspension too firm? Do you want a sporty look and driving dynamics without having to compromise on comfort? With the KW Street Comfort suspension you have the solution – the comfortable sports suspension with a subtle lowering guaranteed thanks to the KW coilover suspension height adjustment options. Handling or comfort can be individually increased as desired via the rebound adjustment. In this way, KW Street Comfort offers the perfect combination between driving dynamics and driving comfort.


-Coilover suspensions for a better appearance and increased driving dynamics-

Perfect recess and performance – We offer the widest suspension lowering range with KW coilover suspensions V1 to V4 which are manufactured using “Inox Line” stainless steel technology. They are available in four types of damping: The e 1 variant has a harmonious and sporty damper that is fixed at the factory. Variant e 2 offers the experienced and sporty driver the ability to influence the pitch and motion behavior of the car through adjustable rebound phase damping in addition to custom lowering. The e 3 variant allows rebound and compression damping to be set independently of each other for the perfect vehicle fit. KW's recently introduced e 4 variant offers Racing Technology for the road and thus provides a combination of performance and road suitability.

KW coilover suspensions

Sportiness and outstanding appearance. With factory damping. – The ideal entry level system for customers looking for the technically lowest possible suspension or for those who want their own customization. In extensive road tests, the experienced KW engineers developed and established the optimal balance of sportiness, comfort and safety for a specific group, and then implemented this in the series.

KW coilover suspensions

Sportiness, more body control or ride comfort with an outstanding appearance. Adjustable rebound stage damping. – The system for the experienced sports driver who also wants to make adjustments to the set-up for the lowering of the vehicle. The individually adjustable rebound damping ensures a better connection to the road in fast sections and easier control of the vehicle. Additionally, driving comfort on rough road surfaces can be fine-tuned by custom rebound damping.

KW coilover suspensions

Performance, high level of sportiness and comfort with racing technology for the street. Separately adjustable compression and rebound. – State-of-the-art sports technology for greater performance on the street. With compression and rebound damping stage, which can be adjusted separately and independently of each other, shock settings can be customized to your own driving preferences or changes to the vehicle such as weight, tire characteristics or altered vehicle rigidity. Real performance optimization is only possible with this unique and patented system. For example, this allows for rebound phase damping force that is optimal to the spring – a scenario that results in reduced grip and consequent loss of performance.

KW coilover suspensions

High performance racing technology for daily road use with KW 3-way Race Damper Tuning Technology. – The KW Variant e 4 coilover suspension combines our leading racing technology with the exceptional everyday suitability of numerous high-performance vehicles. This allows independent adjustment of damping in the rebound stage as well as low-speed and high-speed damping in the compression stage. In this way KW supplies the Variant e 4 with a vehicle-specific performance tuning. Thanks to adjustable shocks, riders can – quickly switch to a comfort setting using the intuitive adjustment dial built into the shock. The three-way adjustable high-performance dampers of the KW Coilover suspensions feature independent adjustment in the rebound stage as well as low and high speed compression are based on the successful multiple-time winning racing technology of the ADAC Zurich 24h race. Nürburgring and are supported by aluminum top cups, depending on the specific design of the vehicle. Thanks to the new sophisticated coilover suspension, the KW Variante e 4 has been developed exclusively for high-performance vehicles that can benefit from safer driving at the limits of their driving dynamics.


-Clubsport and Racing Suspensions to achieve the fastest possible lap time-

This range of suspensions was developed for use on race tracks around the world. It offers the perfect tuning in various designs for every application. The KW Competition Racing coilover suspension is available in three shock designs for top-class international motorsports. Here the range of applications from series production is sufficient, for example, for the MINI Challenge up to custom solutions with innovative configurations KW 7-post drive dynamics test stand for series such as the FIA GT 1, GT 3 and WTCC . KW racing technology is not only superior in terms of performance, but also in quality, which is supported by six victories in ten years at the Nürburgring 24-hour race, as well as countless class victories. Our department has its own structure at your disposal at home. This enables the specially assigned team to meet customer demands in a flexible, goal-oriented manner. The KW Clubsport on the other hand, was developed for sports enthusiasts and for use in track day events. This design is also available in two cushion varieties.


-Suspensions to exploit the full potential of your classic vehicle with the latest technology-

Also for every old and young classic car, KW offers the perfect suspension for every demand, even for your classic car! The big plus: Your cultural asset car gets a modern suspension with the latest damping technology and the option of individual lowering. Thanks to our special manufacturing at KW, we are able to consider all your requirements and demands for your classic car in every detail.

KW coilover suspensions

The V1 coilover suspension is targeted to a specific group, firm damper setup, by vehicle type, after extensive road testing. This means that the VW Golf I cabrio, for example, would have more comfortable damping than the regular VW Golf I. The factory-tuned shock provides a sporty ride with comfort.

Available for Audi V8, Audi 80, BMW E30, Ford Mustang (1979-1993 models), Golf I, Golf I Cabrio and Polo 86C.

KW coilover suspensions

The V2 coilover suspension also features an adjustable rebound with TVR-A technology. Adjusting the damper provides more sportiness and control of the body or more comfort of the ride. The basic mid-range factory fit made for classic cars typical for road use. For example, unlike many sports suspensions that are derived from the VW Golf, special shock absorbers for the VW Beetle were developed with torsion bar as well as coilovers with two and three mounting points. Strut shells feature spring deflection to allow for a harmonious, sporty, and comfortable fit with classic rim/tire combinations.

In addition to the VW Beetle designs, a suspension was also developed for the DeLorean DMC-12.

KW coilover suspensions

The V3 coilover suspensions feature TVR-A and TVC-A technology and are separately adjustable for rebound on the compression stage. Adjustable spring preloaded low speed valve open in the event of sudden wheel acceleration through the main valve blow off function for better comfort than with traditional damping technology. This modern damping technology prevents, for example, the one-sided roll typical of water-cooled Porsche models when accelerating around corners, without losing comfort.

The V3 is currently available for Porsche (G models, 964, 993, 944, 968), BMW E9, E30, Ford Mustang (1979-1993 models) and Lancia Delta Integrale (EVO). For Porsche G-model and BMW W30 with forged rim hubs (no major changes required).

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