KARWORK.EU dispone de diversas modalidades de pago para facilitarte la compra:

Credit or debit card

Payment by credit or debit card is made through the payment gateway. Secure payment from Caixabank. Through this payment method, Karwork never collects or manipulates any customer data related to their card number. All data is processed directly by Caixabank, so that Karwork can always offer the best security, transparency and confidentiality in the transaction.

The cards currently supported by the payment gateway are Visa, Mastercard and Maestro, in addition to those belonging to the networks 4B, Network 6000 and Servired. If you have any questions, contact us and we will assist you.


Incorporamos nueva forma de pago con PayPal, velando por la seguridad y de esta manera dando opción a que puedas financiar tus comprar con la propia opción que ofrece PayPal Later , en compras entre 30 y 2.000€ a pagar 3 plazos.